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Please fill out the newsletter form below if you want to be informed when I will be visiting your area.

The process of verification is a necessary one and not in any way meant to invade your privacy. Remember, I am the epitome of discretion and will never cause you any concern. Here is the following information that I need to verify you as a "preferred client". Please note that I screen all parties involved regardless of gender and I do not screen via text: email only.

A reference from another provider whom you have seen and who will remember you. She does not have to be a local escort/companion. I require her email and the URL to her website.


I will need a general work number (not your direct line) and the name of the company. Again, I am very discreet and will not announce who I am and the reason for my call. If you have a preferred "script" I should use, kindly let me know.


In lieu of a work number I will accept Date Check or Preferred 411. I do NOT accept references from agencies.

Please note that I do have a cancellation policy. It can be found under 'etiquette.' 

I make no exceptions to my verification process. Outcall appointments are to upscale hotels only. Please also be sure to check the donations page here on my website. Feel free to email me if you have questions.  Please also follow me on Twitter.

Email is my preferred method of communication and the quickest way to get a response.

Very important: Please contact me using one form of communication only. If there is a miscommunication because of using a different form of communication other than the original any fees for not making an appointment will be your responsibility.

If you would like to be added to my Newsletter please fill out the information below.


City & State
Permission to email you Newsletter.


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